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Voice: Responsive Governance

VOICE App is designed to address citizens' concerns, promote transparency, and enhance accountability in the political realm. This powerful system empowers governments, elected representatives and public officials to proactively manage grievances, ensuring that citizens' voices are heard and their issues are resolved effectively.
Grievance Management
Provides mechanisms for individuals to submit their complaints or grievances.
Maintains open and transparent communication with the complainant
Citizen Engagement
Encouraging active participation of citizens/electors in feedback mechanisms
Feedback Loops
Mechanisms for citizens/electors to provide feedback on government policies and services,
Crisis Management
Plan and response strategies for natural disasters, public health emergencies, and other unexpected events.
Fund Management
Know where the constituency allotted fund utilized

Our Products

TEAM – Thedal Election Analytics Manager is the transformative app that revolutionizes the way elections are managed by political parties and politicians. Powered by cutting-edge data collection algorithm which empowers contesting candidates with real time actionable insights
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Bluepage is an Artificial Intelligence ground breaking solution designed with political intelligence, innovative, unmatched analytical engine that delivers the robust winning strategy with big data and insights.
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First of its kind in digital politics. Xplore, a search engine is tailored to cater general public specifically to the electors, providing in-depth information on elected representatives of their region by using their Electors Photo Identification Card (EPIC) Number and enhance political engagement
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