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GPS Monitor
GPS devices are vital in modern campaigns, offering insights, efficiency, and data-driven decisions. Real-time tracking enhances safety and coordination, enabling quick responses to emergencies and unexpected situations.
Wireless Printer
The integration of wireless Bluetooth printers has emerged as a game-changer, streamlining essential processes, enhancing accessibility, and empowering political teams to achieve greater efficiency.
Printed Booth Slips
A Booth Slip, given to voters before election day, has vital polling booth info. Contesting candidates can strategically use it as branding for outreach and effective voter engagement.
WhatsApp ChatBot
WhatsApp Chatbot can be used as miniature of website preloaded with election information for general public, candidate information, party information and many more. One of the important features of Whatsapp Chatbot is we can automate the booth slip of any voters in the constituency by just feeding Voterld number to the WhatsApp Chatbot Number
Mock EVM Machine
Mock EVMs are replicas of real voting machines, serving for training, voter education, and demos. They enhance understanding of the voting process, especially for new or unfamiliar voters, boosting awareness and confidence in actual elections.
Street Play Flash Mob
Street plays are pivotal in politics, connecting with diverse grassroots audiences for civic engagement and opinion shaping. Through live performances, they convey political messages effectively, using drama and music to resonate with audiences. These plays focus on topics like voter registration, civic rights, and electoral participation, fostering political awareness and active societies.
Booth Kits
A booth kit is an essential resource for organized reporting between booth agents and the war room during the electoral process.
Branding Assets
Branding materials, such as T-shirts, catalogues, banners, posters, and other promotional items, play a crucial role in elections. These are essential tools for political campaigns, contributing to visibility, credibility, and effective communication with voters.